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We are sure you have a lot of questions and we hope to be able to answer them here, if there is anything we haven't covered, please either send it across in an email or give us a call.

We have been delivering events since 2018 and we are pretty sure there isn't much we haven't come across before.


Our events range in cost depending on where it is, how many wrestlers we need, ring and van hire and so on. We always try to make it as cheap as possible. Some churches have ticketed the events to recoup some costs and some have even made money on a tuck shop. Some events have been free, some only £1 and our events in Bradford are charged at £8 for an adult and we still see a regular crowd of around 150 people. We have seen in some cases, local businesses sponsor events and churches coming together to help make an event happen. If cost may be a barrier, please speak to us.


Our ring is normally 16 Feet on each side, and we ideally need about 12 feet of clearance in regards to the roof. There are bigger, smaller and lower rings available, all with different costs to hire. You would also want about a meter of clearance on each side for H&S reasons. We have a Risk Assessment Template we can send on ahead for guidance on making sure fire exits are clear and other things to consider.
Ideal venues are sports halls, school gyms, town halls, community centers, and most churches meet in spaces that are more than adequate. We have held events outdoors, weather permitting, this shouldn't be an issue. We also provide floor protection in the way of mats and carpets to prevent damage to flooring.
Another thing to consider, is where the wrestlers will change and enter the space from. We can help with this as another unique element to our events.


Most churches are equipped with big screens, lighting, and sound systems, which all enhance the performance and atmosphere. Things that are a requirement are Sound and a Microphone. Everything else is bells and whistles, we can sometimes bring extra lights and things. All music/images/videos we normally bring with us, and can even transfer ahead of time over email to a tech team.


We try our best to be flexible, and we are happy to discuss this once you are ready, but you probably want at least a 4 week lead in, to promote the event well. Friday or Saturday evenings tend to be the best attended. We do however book well in advance, sometimes up to 2 years ahead. So please try to provide multiple dates where possible. We can also discuss full weekend events, to maximize the impact, an example of this is our Takeover events. A Men's Breakfast on a Saturday morning, Evangelistic event on a Saturday evening, a Wrestling Church event on the Sunday morning. and a Youth event on a Sunday afternoon. The possibilities are endless!

We suggest a mixed approach to advertising the event and drawing a crowd.

  • Posters - We can help with a design, and we suggest hitting the local area with this old school approach. We have found this is often the most fruitful way to reach your local community. You can also use this method to target certain areas and demographics.

  • Local Press - Sending out a press release to local radio and newspapers often lands really well, as wrestling in a church is such a unique thing. This can get you on radio, in papers and sometimes even the local news programme.

  • Church Networks - Be that a diocese newsletter, local social action projects or referral newsletters, you would be surprised how many youth groups, foodbanks and other places are quite happy to invite people they are working with to an event like this.

  • Social Media - We have a strong brand presence on Social Media and can work that in our favour, we can also tag and share your own posts.

  • Word of Mouth - Honestly, still the best way of bringing people along, we can provide a video to show in church, having your congregation on board, inviting, sharing and talking about it will really help drive people through the door.


How does the Evangelism work?
Gaz will share his powerful testimony as part of the event, this is often followed by the church leader, bringing a time for a response and ministry. We tend to plan the events with this format:

  • The Church leader opens the event, welcomes everyone, goes through fire safety, toilets and so on.
    The Main Event fight! This features Gaz and the bad guy from earlier, we may sometimes involve the church leader for a bit of fun, send everyone home happy

  • A bad guy wrestler will pick a fight with the church leader.

  • Gaz interrupts this and sets up the main event match between the good guy and bad guy.

  • We then have one or two matches

  • Gaz then shares his testimony followed by a time of response

  • Interval - time to continue praying with people, sign up to Alpha or just use the loo, grab some food

  • Return for one more match

This can be done within two hours, we have sometimes added in worship with this too, but again, as with all of our events, we can be flexible and have fun with the format and presentation, to try and fit your intended outcomes and goals.

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